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Our Story

  The Lamb Guys are sheep and cattle ranchers located in east central Wyoming. As members of the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative both traditionally raised and sold  lambs to Mountain States Rosen Co. 
  When COVID-19 struck and the country was shut down March 2020, the impacts were devastating to the sheep industry. Restaurant and Food Service sales which were more than 50% of lamb meat sales dropped to near zero. This at the peak marketing time for American Lamb and the largest supply of live lambs ready  for market.
  With a significantly reduced demand, but a lot of lambs at peak quality the Lamb Guys decided to custom harvest their lambs rather than let them get overfat and lose quality.
  Selling frozen lamb and offering it direct to the consumer has long been a vision for the Lamb Guys. They saw the COVID shutdown as the catalyst to move beyond the vision to actual marketing.
  Response has been incredible, and their vision is now becoming a reality!


Photo credit: Savanna  Simmons


Photo by: Elaine Moore


As a mother it’s incredibly important to me to feed my kids quality food, raised right. There is something special about meeting the producer of your food, in that contact trust is built, and you know they aren’t going to sell you something they wouldn’t feed their own families.  There is no grocery store anonymity in these transactions; their reputations are on the line with each sale.

The Lamb Guys are indeed providing a quality product, raised right.


The variety of cuts provided in the half lamb box could provide an introduction to lamb, everything from chops to ground lamb to my new favorite shanks and it is all excellent.


There is so much good in buying meat locally, better product, supporting local producers, knowledge of how the animal was raised; you will not regret joining the buy local movement with the Lamb Guys.

Laura - Glendo, WY

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