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Delicious American

From Our Freezer to Your Doorstep

Support American Sheep and Lamb Producers

The Lamb Guys are sheep and cattle ranchers located in east central Wyoming. As members of the Mountain States Lamb Cooperative both traditionally raised and sold  lambs to Mountain States Rosen Co. 
     When COVID-19 struck and the country was shut down March 2020, the impacts were devastating to the sheep industry. 

Farm Illustration


Individual cuts of lamb
sold by the package or by the box.


  • Denver Ribs

  • EZ Cut Loins (lamb chops)

  • Top Round (Sirloin)

  • Rack of Lamb

  • Ground Lamb

Please enjoy our - 
Delicious & Healthy American Lamb

Lamb products & details-

  • Denver Ribs (Packages contain two slabs of ribs and weigh 2.25 lbs.)
    - Lamb Ribs are perfect for a family or festive event! Add your favorite spices or rubs and roast in the oven or cook on a grill or smoker.

  • EZ Cut Loins (7 lamb chops)
    - The EZ Cut Loin is pre-notched. You just need to insert your knife into the notch to finish the cut and PRESTO,  individual lamb chops will appear!

  • Top Round (weigh 2.30 lbs.)
    - Top round, is a lean and flavorful piece of meat from the lamb round primal cut, can be cooked a few different ways and is easy on the budget. 

  • Rack of Lamb (weigh 3.25 lbs.)
    Rack of  Lamb is the ultimate crowd pleaser. The tender, flavorful meat can  be cooked as a whole roast or cut into individual rib chops. On the "grill" is our favorite method to cook this mouth watering, delicious American lamb.

  • Ground lamb (1lb packages.)

Preparing and Cooking Lamb

Many of the cooking techniques you use with beef also work for lamb, so you can hit the grill, roast it in the oven, or slow-cook it to perfection. If you cook it often you will find it is just as easy as other cuts of meat. 

There is nothing
worse than going to
restaurant only to

have them smother
lamb in a special

or signature sauce.

if you treat and

prepare lamb just

as you would beef

you won't go wrong!

Keep it simple - most lamb cuts taste best simply seasoned. Our favorite lamb chops, for example are sprinkled with garlic salt and lemon pepper
then grilled to our desired doneness of medium rare. This is how we like our beef steaks too!

When roasting or slow cooking lamb a good spice

rub will season and add flavor.  We recommend
setting lamb on a rack that fits in your roaster or
slow cooker.  This will allow any fat to drip to the
bottom of your pan without having the lamb sitting in it and absorbing it.  

Some cuts of lamb are good for quick-cooking on
the grill, but others do much better with a low-and-
slow braise or roast. It all comes down to where the
cut comes from. Some muscles in the lamb are
naturally tender, while others are tougher and need  attention. 

The shank, leg, and rump — and the front shoulder are better at lower temperatures for longperiods of time. Using the slow cooker, the oven, or braising these cuts will ensure they turn out tender. They're also the most flavorful cuts of lamb, so it's worth the wait! The center cuts — loin, ribs, and breast — are naturally tender, so they do better with quick-cooking methods. These cuts are perfect for the grill or a hot cast-iron skillet. 


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Experiment...have fun! Enjoy our delicious & healthy lamb!

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